Forget about note-taking, stay present in meetings.

AI-powered summaries delivered straight to your inboxes

1. Connect your accounts in a snap!

Use Google Calendar or manually enter your meeting URL - either way, Foxymeets has got you covered

    2. Enjoy Every Meeting

    Sit back and enjoy the meeting! Foxymeets handles the note-taking so you can focus on the conversation.

      3. Read your summary

      Review your summaries in your inbox! Foxymeets captures all the key points for you

        No limits...

        Scale up with unlimited length per meeting

        Frequently asked questions

          Can I have multiple members in the plan?

          Absolutely you can! Let us know if you have over 10+. We'll try to give you a very special discount.

          Is there a limit on the length of the meetings?

          Not at all! Go as long as your heart desires.

          Can I completely rely on your summaries?

          You should be able to 90% of the time. Even so, it's always nice to have a backup if the meeting is that critical.

          How do I start using this?

          Just drop in your email and signup, we'll reachout to you asap on the next steps.

          How much length does the summary have?

          The goal is for summaries that can be quickly read, around 10% of the meeting's time.

          Is there a trial or demo version that I can use?

          We're still early and would love to have a discussion with you regarding this.Please reach out to us.

          How does the pricing work?

          We have a pay as you go plan that scales up according to your usage.Our pricing model is simple: $1.25 per meeting hour per user.

          Do you have any refunds?

          Yes, we havr a very fair refund policy and we will provide you the refund for all the unused meeting hours.

          I want to report a bug or request a feature, how should i go about it?

          If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the email address provided. We're always looking for ways to improve our service and make it the best it can be for our customers!
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